EVENT 511 Mens/Womens 10/14 Yrs 200m Free.Tea - Heats

Not Competing : 4

Heat Number - 1
22Derby Phoenix F DerbyPhoenix2:23.40
35Derby Phoenix E DerbyPhoenix2:20.00
47Swadlincote SC B Swadlincote2:18.61
56Chesterfield D Mixed Chesterfield2:19.46
63BMSC M BelperMarlin2:20.40
71Ripley SC (rascals) D Ripley2:24.15
Heat Number - 2
19Derby Phoenix D DerbyPhoenix2:16.70
211BMSC L BelperMarlin2:15.45
313Chesterfield C Mixed Chesterfield2:12.89
415Ilkeston SC A Ilkeston2:11.00
514BMSC K BelperMarlin2:12.41
612Swadlincote SC A Swadlincote2:15.15
710City of Derby D Mix Co Derby2:16.00
88Ilkeston SC B Ilkeston2:17.00
Heat Number - 3
117City of Derby C Mix Co Derby2:10.00
219Ripley SC (rascals) C Ripley2:08.31
321City of Derby B Mix Co Derby2:08.00
423Derby Phoenix B DerbyPhoenix2:04.50
522Chesterfield B Mixed Chesterfield2:06.37
620Derby Phoenix C DerbyPhoenix2:08.00
718BMSC J BelperMarlin2:09.36
816Glossop SC Glossop2:10.25
Heat Number - 4
125Ripley SC (rascals) B Ripley2:02.56
227Derby Phoenix A DerbyPhoenix1:59.30
329Chesterfield A Mixed Chesterfield1:57.59
431Ripley SC (rascals) A Ripley1:54.65
530BMSC H BelperMarlin1:54.93
628Eckington SC Eckington1:58.00
726City of Derby A Mix Co Derby2:00.00
824BMSC I BelperMarlin2:03.59