EVENT 421 Womens 14/17 Yrs 400m Free.Team - Heats

Not Competing : 1

Heat Number - 1
32BMSC G BelperMarlin4:38.88
44City of Derby E Co Derby4:34.88
53Derby Phoenix C DerbyPhoenix4:37.00
Heat Number - 2
26BMSC F BelperMarlin4:30.49
38Long Eaton SC 'B' Long Eaton4:25.00
410BMSC E BelperMarlin4:22.30
59City of Derby D Co Derby4:22.60
67Ripley SC (rascals) Ripley4:30.00
75Derby Phoenix B DerbyPhoenix4:31.00
Heat Number - 3
112Derby Phoenix A DerbyPhoenix4:20.00
214Eckington SC Eckington4:16.00
316City of Derby B Co Derby4:10.98
418City of Derby A Co Derby4:02.84
517Chesterfield A Chesterfield4:04.72
615Long Eaton SC 'A' Long Eaton4:15.00
713City of Derby C Co Derby4:19.51
811Chesterfield B Chesterfield4:20.19