EVENT 240 Mens 10/13 Yrs 200m Freestyle Team - Heats

Not Competing : 1

Heat Number - 1
32City of Derby F Co Derby2:49.73
44DPSC B DerbyPhoenix2:44.10
53BMSC Team D BelperMarlin2:45.50
Heat Number - 2
16Glossop SC Glossop2:40.00
28Long Eaton SC B Long Eaton2:30.00
310BMSC Team B BelperMarlin2:26.34
412DPSC A DerbyPhoenix2:20.50
511Ilkeston SC Ilkeston2:21.00
69City of Derby D Co Derby2:27.74
77BMSC Team C BelperMarlin2:34.67
85City of Derby E Co Derby2:42.30
Heat Number - 3
114City of Derby C Co Derby2:18.91
216City of Derby B Co Derby2:13.22
318BMSC Team A BelperMarlin2:07.29
420Chesterfield A Chesterfield2:01.69
519City of Derby A Co Derby2:02.52
617Ripley SC (rascals) Ripley2:12.00
715Long Eaton SC A Long Eaton2:15.00
813Chesterfield B Chesterfield2:19.00