Derbyshire Junior Grand Prix 2021

The Derbyshire Junior Grand Prix is a series of 3 galas aimed at novice swimmers in Derbyshire to give them competition experience in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere, and to give them
the opportunity to post qualifying times for the County events later in the season. They are licenced to level 4. It’s a great opportunity to compete against other swimmers in their age group
from around the county. Beforehand, there will be an introductory talk for the swimmers to tell them what they need to know before they compete for the first time.


The top 3 swimmers in each age group will be presented with medals at the Derbyshire Long Course Championships at Ponds Forge in December,
by the Derbyshire ASA President. All competitors will be given a Certificate of Participation.

The Winners of the 2021 Derbyshire Junior Grand Prix are :-

9 year olds

1st boy – Stephen Iankov (Derby Phoenix) 32 points

2nd boy – Tyler Shaw (City of Derby) 28 points

3rd boy – Fraser Pyefinch (Long Eaton) 15 points


1st girl – Madeline Heron (City of Derby) 28 points

2nd girl – Esmae Irons (Rykneld) 21 points

3rd girl – Ava Carter (Belper) 19 points


10 year olds

1st boy – David Smurawa (Rykneld) 33 points

2nd boy –  George Cotton (City of Derby) – 30 points

3rd boy – Harley Short (City of Derby) – 27 points


1st girl – Isla Johnson (Ripley) – 48 points

2nd girl – Connie Bunhejee (Ripley) – 37 points

3rd girl – Isabel Plummer  (Long Eaton) – 27 points


11 year olds

1st boy – Eden Saint (Belper) – 41 points

2nd boy – Finlay Bird (Long Eaton) – 38 points

3rd boy –  William Atkin (Ripley) – 29 points


1st girl – Emma Jane Rantzen (Belper) – 29 points

2nd girl – Lydia Cordle (Repton) – 23 points

3rd girl – Evelyn Connor (Ripley) – 20 points




2021 Galas took place at Alfreton Leisure Centre on the following dates:

 Saturday 11th September 2021


Sunday 10th October 2021


Sunday 7th November 2021



Alfreton Leisure Centre are currently not operating with any Covid restrictions at all, so spectators will be allowed (any change to this will be communicated).